29.07.2017 Imavere Show - Blanco Solar Hualka

Blanco Solar Hualka - Best of Breed!!! Judge Bonka Georgieva Laslo from Serbia Thank you very much!!! Congratulations to owners!

27 & 28 of June Shows in Estonia A Peso de Ouro Ukka Blanco Solar got 2 BOB Baby - Ukka oli jälle Tõu Parim Baby!!!

This time our judges were Beata Petkevica from Latvia and Zvi Kupferberg from Israel. Both judges was on one oppinion about Ukka`s quality with descripsion excellent type, excellent head & propotions, excellent body & neck, good couat & colour, free movements. Thank You Ivi-Triin ja Liisa for the photos! Ukka oli tupli näituseringis ja [...]