Dogo argentino puppies are born!!! Kutsikad on sündinud!!!

Interesting combination!!! Father of the puppies is our best male in Baltic and probably one of the best in Europe - Fausto EG AM. Parents are checked dogos in shows, life with people and they have high prey drive also. We hope to get perfect dogos. For more information please take a contact with me Viber/WhatsApp +372 55950492 or call, e-mail bl [...]

28.12.2019 New Year gift from Blanco Solar Hualka - Russian Champion

National Dogshow in Pskov, Russia - our little Star Blanco Solar Hualka got RUS CAC and BOB!!! She is Russian Champion now! Conrtatulations to owners!!! You are amazing!!! Blanco Solar Hualka on Venema tsempion!!! Palju-palju õnne omanikele!!! Olete erilised!!!

17.11.2019 Speciality show in Latvia - a male from our kennel won Best in show 2!!!

This was just historic win as a Dogo Argentino won Best in Show 2! This is our Fausto!!! At first he won Best of Breed in dogo ring out of 3 males presented there!!! And final ring he was Best dog over ol best dogs presented at this show Thank you for Amazing photos!!!

28.10.2019 International dogshow "Baltic Winner 2019" win to dogo from our kennel

Blanco Solar Hualka is Baltic Winner 2019, CACIB, BOO and now She is C I E International Champion Fausto was res Best Male, res CACIB

27-28. September 2019 International shows in Lithuania - Rahvusvahelised näitused Leedus

Palanga dogshows - Fausto EG AM - Champion class LT CAC, CACIB and Best Male in dogos!!! Other day res -cacib. Fausto is now International Champion C I B and Lithuanian Champion!!! Thank you judges Oleg Vasiliev and C.Birk!!!  

7.9.2019 NORD show in Finland

Blanco Solar Hualka - Champion class excellent, SA, Nord- Sert and Best Of Breed!!! Congratulations to the owners!!!

10.08.2019 National Dogshow in Latvia - Läti näitus

Fausto got last CAC from Latvia and now we can confirm Latvian Champion title!!! Fausto sai vajaliku Serdi ja on nüüd Läti Tšempion!!!

01-02.08.2019 International Dogshow Lithuania, Druskininkai - Rahvusvaheline näitus Leedus

Fausto got BOB, CQ, LT CAC, Best Male and other day Best Male 2 and res-CACIB. Thank you very much breed judges!!! Fusto oli Tõu Parim, sai cacibi ja serti, teisel päeval oli Parim isane 2 ja res-cacib