15.06.2018 National dog show in Estonia-rahvuslik näitus Eestis

A Peso de Ouro Ukka Blanco Solar - Best of Breed under honourable judge Nikolai Sedyh!!! Ukka oli Tõu Parim !!!  

01.06.2019 International Dog show "Estonian Winner"/ Rahvusvaheline näitus "Eesti Võitja"

My Ukka got new title and win "Estonian Winner 2019", CACIB, CQ & BOO! Thank you very much breed judge Suncica Lazic for very professional and compitent judgement!!! Ukka uus tiitle on selleks korraks Eesti Võitja 2019!!! CACIB ja Parim emane CQga Tänan Kertu superilusa  pildi eest!!! And Ukka at Tallinn show 4 Years ago

07.04 National dog show in Lithuania/ Rahvuslik näitus Leedus

A Peso de Ouro Ukka Blanco Solar - Best female, LT CAC, N Ukka is now Lithuanian Champion & Baltic Champion!!! Leedu näitusel oli Ukka parim emane! Ukka on nüüd Leedu Tšempion ja Balti Tšempion!!! Fausto Espiritu Greco Antu Makto was Best male, LT CAC, N and Best of Breed!!! Fausto oli parim isane ja tõu parim!!! Great gratitute to judge K [...]

09.02.2019 International Dogshow "Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2019"

My Ukka won again!!! Best Female, CACIB!!! Big thanks to outstanding judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo!!! This is big honor to hear such words about my dogo!!! Ukka oli parim näitusel!!!!

02.02.2019 Valga dogshow, Estonia - koertenäitus Valgas

Blanco Solar Isabel - champ. class excellent, cq, Best Female and Best of Breed!!! Many many congratulations to owners to Latvia!!! Thank you breed judge Linda Jürgens for so nice description!!! Blanco Solar Isabel - Parim Emane ja Tõu Parim!!! Tänan kohtukku Linda Jürgens!!!

06.12.2018 born puppies

Father is our great Fausto Espiritu Greco Antu Makto - Champion of shows, free of dysplasia and full hearing and the Mother is Champion and Winner Blanco Solar Hualka who is full hearing. Puppies are expected to be with nice temperaments as their parents, grand-parents and grand-grandparents are. This is the 5th generations of godo argentino I knew [...]

10.11.2018 International dog show "Riga Winner 2018" Latvia/Rahvusvaheline näitus Riia Võitja 2018

We have top results - Best of Breed, CACIB, Riga Winner 2018 title got Fausto EG AM, Best female, CACIB, Riga Winner 2018 is my A Peso de Poro Ukka Blanco Solar - she is International CHampion now!!! and Best female 2, with res-CACIB is our daughter)))) Jun CH&BALT CH Blanco Solar Isabel!!! I am proud of my dogos and thank you judge Petr Rehane [...]

18.08.2018 International "Baltic Winner 2019" Rahvusvaheline näitus "Balti Võitja 2018"

Our results from that show with 3 dogos Blanco Solar Jaguape - Best of Breed Baby with Promotional Prize! Fausto Espiritu Greco Antu Makto Best Male 2, res-CACIB! Blanco Solar Isla - ecxellent 1!