19.05.18 II FCI group Speciality show / 2 rühma erinäitus Lätis

Blanco Solar Hualka exc with CQ, LV CAC, Best of Breed! Hualka is Latvian Champion now!!! Congratulations to owners!!! Big Thanks to judge Dušan TRAVNIKAR Croatia!!! Blanco Solar Hualka on nüüd Läti Tšempion! Oli näitusel Tõu Parim!!! Palju õnne omenikele mega-super tulemuste puhul!!!

22.04.2018 National dogshow in Lithuania

Blanco Solar Isabel - Best Female, LT CAC, N, Best of Breed! Isabel is Lithuanian Champion after conformation of Latvian Champion. Many thanks to owners for all!

21.04.2018 International and National shows in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

Blanco Solar Isla Double Best of Breed Junior, 3 Jun CAC, Double Best of Breed! Thank you judges! Congratulations to owners with such debut!

15.04.2018 International Dogshow "Tallinn Winner 2018"

Blanco Solar Hualka - Best Female 1, CQ, CACIB, Tallinn Winner 2018 and Best of Breed! Thank you honorable judge Miklos Levente, Hungary for estimating this female! Huge congratulations to owners!!!

18.03.2018 International Dogshow "Latvian Winner 2018"

Blanco Solar Isabel - CACIB, Best Female 2! Congratulations to owners!  

Dogo Argentino puppies are born/Argentiina dogi kutsikad on sündinud

A Female puppy is available. Emane kutsikas ootab peremeest. Mother to this litter A Peso de Ouro Ukka Blanco Solar is multiply champion and Winner, she is out of full Brother to World Winner 2016. Father of the litter is from very strong breeding of kennels Espiritu Greco and Antu Makto. Fausto is out of Mapuche del Intrevero and wonderful Buena [...]

20.01 International dogshow Turku, Finland - Rahvusvaheline näitus Turkus, Soome

Blanco Solar Hualka - Class Winner, Cacib, res-CAC and Best Female 2! Congratulations to owners!!! Hualka sai Soomest CACIBi ja re-CACi, oli Parim Emane 2!!! Palju Õnne omanikele!!! Super tulemus!!!

Helsinki Winner 2017 show

A Peso de Ouro Ukka Blanco Solar is now Finnish Champion, got CACIB from the biggest show in Finland! I am proud of my dog!!!