Blanco Solar Hualka

Hualka is born in my kennel the Year 2015 May 12. She is out of Gael from Argentina and Blanco Solar Dajana. Both her parents are with great personality and very balanced dogos by bodies and minds. Well as I say Hualka is my grand-daughter couse her mother Dajana is born in my home, Hualka is born into my hands and Hualkas grand-mother is Perro Pelea Cordobes Zamba. My dream dogo I was waiting for 1,5 years, she is tje first Interchampion in Baltic states, free from dysplasia HD AA, BAER tested ++, full hearing and both her parents too.

Now Hualka is Multi Champion and I am very proud of this dogo girl and her owners. Owners and dog interaction brings best results ever. And not only titles this is lifestyle of action with dog if this is shows, tracking, hunting. And if such interaction has happend I am the most happy breeder in the World and nothing more I need. To see how owner understands his or her dog and how they are together and their families are. Cause I understand dogo just from the first sight and if I see that my owners undestand too - this is my goal but this goal can be gained only by my owners and their families. This goal is get about Hualka. So I am happy represent her to you.