Fausto is open for stud! Fausto is born 20.02.2015. In his pedigree is such amazing dogs like Mapuche del Entrevero, Buena Antu Makto, Camalote II del Litoral, Cazador Criollo Bonita, Ventisca del Entrevero, Indio del Entrevero.

Fausto is great reproductor with offsprings all over the World. He is that rare Dogo Argentino who has 3 generations are free from dysplasia with result HD AA, ED 00 and full hearing BAER ++ dogos.

Fausto is Junior Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Slovakia, Latvian Champion, Derby Winner 2016, Club Winner , Lithuanian Champion and CACIBs winner

He is Father of amazing J-litter in my kennel and some nice litters in Poland.

I am grateful to Isabel Sledz kennel White Hunter for this wonderful dog