A Peso de Ouro Ukka Blanco Solar

Estonian Junior Champion, Latvian Junior Champion, Russian Junior CHampion, Riga Junior Winner 2015, Finnish Champion, Estonian Champion, Latvian Champion, Lithuanian Champion, Baltic Champion, Ogre Winner 2017, Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2019 Estonian Winner 2019

Ukka`s pedigree is full of champions, her father is full brother to World Winner 2016, Interchampion, Russian Junior Champion, Russian Champion Fortuna Niks Uva A Peso de Ouro. Her grandfather is Fortuna Niks Koks Kert Junior Champion and Champion of Russia and Moldova - son of famous Champion Chamahuac Mapu Kewa and wonderful female Russian Champion Fortuna Niks Wivat Viktoria. Behind Wiwat Viktoria is Talito Ackon Cahuak Verdes Pampas. This is line from father side.

Ukka`s Mother is Natalia`s breeding female Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Kazahstan, Moldova A Peso de Ouro Ispahan, she is from outstanding Fortuna Niks Bentley. From father`s side is Champion of Roumania, Ukraine and Moldova Viento de los Medanos.

dogo argentino

Ukka with her daughter Blanco Solar Isidora



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15.06.2019 National show Estonia - Best of Breed - ekspert Mr Nikolay Sedykh, Russia

01.06.2019 International show Estonian Winner 2019 - Estonian Winner 19, CACIB, BOO - ekspert Ms Suncica Lazic, Serbia

07.04. 2019 National show Lithuania - LT CAC, Lithuanian Champion, BOO - ekspert Mr Pavlo Karpov

09.02. 2019 International show Estonia - Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 19, CACIB, BOO - ekspert Mr Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain

10.11.2018 International show Latvia - Riga Winner 18, CACIB, BOO - ekspert Mr Petr Rehanek, Czech

8.12.2017 International Helsinki Winner 17 Finland - FIN CAC, Finnish Champion, CACIB, Best female 2 - ekspert Mr Sim Simon, Philippins

20.08.2017 International show Estonia - EST CAC, CACIB, BOB - ekspert Mr Jose Vidal Montero, Spain

19.08.2017 International show Estonia - EST CAC, CACIB, BOB - ekspert Mr Angel Pons Arino, Spain

15.07.2017 National Latvia - Ogre Winner 17, LV CAC, BOB - ekspert Ms Vija Klucniece, Latvia

04.06.2017 Mastiff Winner 2017 Estonia - Best female 2 - ekspert Mr Rafael Escar Tabuena, Spain

03.06.2017 International Estonian Winner 17 - EST CAC, CACIB - ekspert Mr Philip John, India 

18.06.2016 National show Estonia - Best Junior, BOB - ekspert Ms Marina Ostrovskaya, Russia

12.06.2016 National show Estonia - Best Junior, BOB - ekspert Mr Pedro Ivo Santos Bispo, Portugal

11.06.2016 National show Estonia - Best Junior, BOB - ekspert Ms Victoria Pohodina, Ukraine

07.05.2016 National show Estonia - Best Junior, BOB - ekspert Maria Viarbitskaya, Belarus

06.03.2016 National show Estonia - Best Junior, BOB - ekspert Helina Simberg, Estonia

27.09.2015 National show Estonia - BOB puppy - ekspert Andi Hudono, Indonesia

26.09.2015 National show Estonia - BOB puppy - ekspert Guenther Ehrenreich, Austria

22.08.2015 International Baltic Winner 15 - BOB puppy - ekspert Daniele Poltri, Italy

28.06.2015 National show Estonia - BOB baby - ekspert Zvi Kupferberg, Israel

27.06.2015 National show Estonia - BOB baby - ekspert Beata Petkevica, Latvia

21.06.2015 National show Estonia - BOB baby - ekspert Dick Baars, Netherlands

20.06.2015 National show Estonia - BOB baby - John Williams, Netherlands